Here at dicks atv we are trying something new to save cost for us and to our valued customers.  As most dont know websites can be very exspensive these days so what we did to save our customers money we have added acouple of our suppliers that we deal with on a day to day buisness

Please view our catalogue as we do our selfs.  view what you may be looking for and simple right down the part #'s and simple send your request to our qout form and we will work up our best price and availability.

I believe this will work in everyones faver.  Pricing and availability changes month to month it's very hard to stay up with it all.  I'm just a small buisness with a great history of selling great products online for more than 15 years.

I hope you enjoy our new setup.

Thanks Mike

Powersports Accessories in Easton, maine

Paypal is our perfered online banking it's ok if you dont use paypal we simple send you a invoice to review and you can choose to pay with any credit card of your choice